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Maximum College Experience

Going to college is a major undertaking that involves both effort and expense. It makes sense to pursue a college experience that is maximized in every way. By engaging a student in academic terms and elements of their experience, the effects of the college years can have a tremendous impact on the outcome of their lives.

Success is a formula that integrates elements of patience, perseverance, fortitude, diligence, hard work, passion, and focus. It takes a desire to have a thorough and enriching college experience to achieve these things. At times, you have to learn how to learn new things. This process means you must shift your thinking into new patterns of thought. There is a statistic that says that the level of information that humankind produces is doubling every 6 to 9 months. By embracing this concept, you will realize that innovation inputting data that is learned to good and rapid use is critical to achieving the most in an educational career.

Transforming the way you learn can be the catalyst that sets the tone for your educational achievement. With the advent of the Internet, there is such a massive body of information out there that it is very simple to get lost within it. Those who are unable to learn it will fall behind in this modern paradigm of information. It is critical to put knowledge into action, even in the midst of an educational career.

Rachel Glaxner is a graduate from Nicholls State University. She has implemented a variety of thoughtful planning and focused skills throughout her educational career. She plans on undertaking a Master’s degree and making the most out of her opportunities.

The Path to Greatness

Lives do not get better by chance; they get better through change. That is the foundation of the path to success, but one that few take on and even fewer accomplish. Persistence in the face of challenge is often the key element to success.

Many people question what makes some people successful when they are compared to others. At the root of it all, there are a number of elements that can help the individual achieve the things that they want. One significant trait is to always be positive. Thinking in terms of success and not failure will unlock this attribute. You must also remove yourself from a negative environment whenever possible. The most successful among us will tell you that positive things happen to positive people.

Next, it is important to write down your specific goals and to then develop a plan to achieve them. It is much like project planning. A written goal is concrete and can set milestones of achievement for you to pursue. Taking action is important when it comes to achieving goals. You cannot wait and make excuses. You must also adopt a mindset of always learning something that gets you to the goals that you have in mind. Be persistent and work hard. Learn to analyze details and learn from mistakes. Communicate effectively and reap the benefits of solid relationships.

Rachel Glaxner has achieved many goals in her life on a personal, educational, and professional level. She is organized in her approach and is persistent in achieving great things on her own path to greatness.


Starting on Weights

For many people, the idea of fitness brings weight lifting to mind. But there are many people who are intimidated by this very basic exercise. It is easy to feel some anxiety about exercises that require some development to execute. Many people just do not know where to start, yet they have become familiar with the benefits that weight training can provide. It can be the most efficient path to weight loss, and a strong body is a healthy body, so they pursue exercises with benefits in mind.

But starting a new workout regimen that includes weightlifting can be a daunting task. It is human nature for people to stick with their old habits and routines. In order to avoid wandering aimlessly in the gym, you have to put together a plan that makes sense and is true to the goals that you have in mind. Depending on the equipment that is available and what your goals are, you must first figure out what kind of strength training you want to do. Next, people need to pick a program to follow. This means that you must always enter the gym with a game plan in mind. There is a significant volume of research and information on the Internet that can help guide you on the right path to fitness. Beginner programs embrace simple exercises that use common equipment. This makes it easy to get started.

Rachel Glaxner is an avid weightlifter that also trains other people. She is very adamant about lining up people with the exercise program that is right for them.

Hard Work and Dedication

College is a lot of hard work. Even if you are a great student who never had problems studying, it will still take a lot of hard work and dedication to get you to the top. And even if you are not in school and are already in the workforce, these are still two important characteristics to have when you get out in the real world. Rachel Glaxner knows all about hard work and dedication to make it to the top. She has earned her degree from college and is looking to get a Master's degree now.

As a student, it takes a lot of hard work to balance both the studies and the work you do outside of work. Putting in the time to study and make sure that you keep a high GPA is one aspect of making it out of college with a history of dedication. The only dedication will get you to the top, no matter what. Sometimes, just intelligence is not enough to make it to the top, but the hard work you put behind it.

If you are looking at the real world, outside of school and in an actual job, it is important to note that dedication will be just as important then as it was in college. Building a career is one of the most rewarding things you can do, and you cannot reach that goal if you do not work hard at it and put your all into what it is that you want to do with your life.

Improving your Academic Performance

Education is important, and it is vital that everyone takes the time to get a proper one. While in school, it is important to keep good grades so you can get a degree that will help you achieve a great career afterward.  Rachel Glaxner knows all about having a high academic performance in school. Even with track obligations and a part-time job at a local restaurant, Rachel performed well academically, maintaining a 3.0 overall GPA and was a member of the Academic President's List. 

The key to improving academic success is all about understanding yourself. Self-confidence only works if you understand where you academic strengths and weaknesses lie. Find a way to maximize on the strengths while reducing the weaknesses. Understand your learning style and find study methods/partners that work with your particular style and strengths. In college, it is not enough to attend class. You have to pay close attention and take great notes. Taking notes requires listening and picking up on clues that instructors and professors provide during lectures.

Active involvement is also encouraged when aiming to improve academic performance, so speak up and ask questions. If you are going to make the effort to be active in class, do it with the primary goal of learning. Eliminate any distractions around you, be it irrelevant reading material, electronic gadgets or chatting to the person next to you. 

College is probably one of the best times of a young person's life, but it also moves very fast. Those who aim for academic excellence utilize their time and classes well, thus setting themselves up for future success through good grades. They will come out at the top in the end. For more details:


Rachel Glaxner - Helping Workplaces Embrace Healthy Living

For many employers, providing the right environment that fosters productivity is essential. While providing good pay, a safe and clean work environment, and matching jobs to skills are all good ways to ensure employees are pleased, businesses are being urged to take a step further and ensure the health and wellness of their employees. More to providing health insurance and medical benefits, corporations are being tasked with ensuring employees adopt healthy lifestyles, seeing as they spend a great deal of time in the workplace.

For Rachel Glaxner, the challenge for such corporations is rolling out health and fitness programs that meet their employees’ needs. However, through research and years of experience in personal fitness coaching, she hopes to attract employers to her Corporate Wellness plan. Through Corporate Wellness, Rachel is looking to offer wholesome health services that will assist in weight management, stress management, exercise, budgeting, healthy eating, and so much more.

Rachel Glaxner’s vision of the idea is to be implemented through wellness coaches. “Wellness coaches can help employees move to a new place in life and reach their goals through education, one on one support, guidance, and encouragement,” says Rachel.

The importance and benefits of regular physical exercise and healthy eating have long been established, and physicians all over the world are encouraging individuals to eat right and stay physically active. While she still has a Dietetics and Nutrition internship to complete, Rachel Glaxner is looking forward to rolling out her idea soonest possible.

“Corporate Wellness is important for any business, and helps to run and maintain a healthy operating business,” she says.

Rachel Glaxner -Hard Work and Dedication

From a young age, Rachel Glaxner realized the importance of working hard in pursuit of her goals. She was a talented athlete in track and field events, and through hard work, was able to earn a track scholarship from Nicholls State University in 2011. At the institution, her desire to become the best never wavered, and she went on to study Dietetics and Nutrition, for which she graduated in May 2014. As one with big dreams, she is looking to enroll for a Master’s Degree in Human Ecology at Louisiana State University after completing her internship.

While running track and staying physically fit is her passion, Rachel Glaxner’s dream is to complete her master’s degree and become a registered Dietitian and Nutritionist. Her collegiate studies are half the battle won, as she is now working to raise her profile as a personal fitness and nutrition coach. Already, she has a handful of clients with whom she helps achieve their fitness goals, in addition to helping prepare meal plans that are catered to such goals. On a personal level, she participates in fitness competitions in summer months, and uses the experience to increase her knowledge in the field.

Once she becomes a registered practitioner, the goal for Rachel Glaxner is to open a private practice that will cater to both individual and corporate clients. She has a vision for the business, and is working on attracting businesses to her corporate wellness idea, through which she will be able to assist in areas such as weight management, stress management, healthy eating and personal training in ways that will be beneficial to the company and its employees.

Rachel Glaxner - Running Track


Since childhood, Rachel Glaxner was athletically gifted. Luckily, she tapped into her athletic talents early, which saw her emerge as one of her high school’s most potent track weapons. In 2008, she won a parish track meet’s girls MVP, having broken her high school's (South Terebonne) 100 meters and 300 meters hurdles records. By the time she graduated high school in 2010, she had been named team MVP in two consecutive years.

Rachel Glaxner

While not many people can match Rachel Glaxner’s natural track talent, many athletic-minded people spend lots of time and money trying to find a revolutionary workout regimen when sometimes the answer lies in front of them. Whether its short sprints or long distance, running track offers a variety of benefits that make it quite good for people looking to maintain physical fitness.

Short sprints
Short sprints are one of Rachel Glaxner’s favorite, and help the body develop the quick-twitch muscles. Constant sprinting is a little like lifting weights; the more you practice, the more your leg muscles develop. Sprinting enables your legs grow stronger, and is beneficial to individuals looking to lose weight faster.

Long distance
Running (or jogging) for long distances means you are not using the same pace as you would for short sprints. Individuals who run for long distances burn calories slowly, but the benefit is that they increase muscle endurance. With long distance running, the body releases endorphin hormones that help improve overall moods, while also benefiting the lungs and heart.


Rachel Glaxner - The Joy of Volunteer Work

When it comes to volunteering for a cause, there are a number of elements that will dictate the experience. The great volunteer can quite often be associated with a pair of essential ingredients. The first is having an openness of sharing knowledge and experience with others. The next is having the right kind of attitude that will let you learn and experience new things.

There are many types of volunteer opportunities. The spirit of volunteering in all cases remains the same, but it can be broken down into so many types. Some popular types of volunteering include corporate volunteerism, skill-based volunteerism, and volunteering for societal causes. For the individual, there is an intrinsic value that is gained when the beneficiary of volunteer work are those who are deserving and somehow unable to help themselves. Another type of beneficiary of volunteer work is that which is done on behalf of professional organizations and bodies. For example, there are a number of health and nutritional organizations that have many volunteers involved in the propagation and awareness of their efforts. Within these opportunities, volunteers are able to mentor others, provide guidance, coordinate events, and many other valuable efforts.

Rachel Glaxner is a dedicated volunteer to a number of causes. Her background in dietetics and nutrition have led her to work with a number of health and fitness organizations. She has indicated that this volunteer work has allowed her to increase her networking opportunities and interactions with others in the industry. In addition, she gains the satisfaction and ultimate knowledge that she has helped others that couldn’t reach help on their own.

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